• Color of People - Creators of Urban Culture

    Creatos of urban culture. A modern answer for artist and brands. We combine artists and producers in a big collective which represents the urban culture. We offer brand consulting and media production in an authentic way to optimize their communication.


    Urban culture ist growing by far bigger than graffiti, hiphop and breakdance. Along with the different subcultures the amount of people within urban culture is rising. People of all ages listen to rap and nearly everyone is wearing sneakers.

    This trend is now recognized by german ventures.
    But what are Yeezys, Off White or Supreme? Whats the difference between Bombap or Trap? Cloud Rap or Major Deal? How do you grasp that target group?

    To overcome poor attempts of reaching out to this generation, we offer new ways by founding our company. But whats the advantage compared to any other agency that thinks they know target groups the best?

    Color of People ist a Collective for all creators of urban culture. Our Artists stay independent and profit from our network, wich is constantly evolving. Musicians, artists, influencers, designers, producers and more. This collective shapes and represents the urban culture.

    By working with our artists we have a valuable exchange that helps us to develop innovative concepts and productions for our clients and that helps us to grow an authentic urban culture at the same time.


    Entry into Programme: February 2018, Jungstarter Hamburg

    Contact: Pascal Navas, pascal(at)colorofpeople.com