• Fablando

    With my project I try to find the best way to learn a foreign language. The answer that I found are stories. Users are going to listen/tell different stories. As they tell stories, their confidence is going to grow and sometime in the future they won't be afraid of using the language amongst native speakers.


    Users are going to be presented with a set of images that are accompanied with images, text and audio. The text is going to be available in English and in German language.

    They are going to try to make sense of what the story is about. After they got familiar with the story they can start telling it in their own words. If that is too hard, they can first try to imitate the native speakers and once they are ready they can tell it in their own words too.

    Other users can listen to user generated stories and rate them.


    Entry into Programme: May 2018, Jungstarter Hamburg

    Contact: Kruno Knego, knego.kruno(at)gmail.com