• Liselotte Zottelwind - ein Kinderbuch für eine bessere Welt

    Hello, my name is Melina Burmeister. I wrote a childrenbook that talks about sustainibility and our beautiful planet. The main person is a modern women called Liselotte Zottelwind. For printing and distribution of the books I´m founding a sustainable publishing house, the Weltfreund Verlag.


    A sustainable publishing house means to produce and colaborate with sustainable and regional companies. 

    Thats´s important for me as a founder, but it is also coherent with the philosophy of Liselotte Zottelwind. 
    In the first book, which will be financed by crowdfunding in September 2018, Liselotte recieves a old friend from Chile, and a beautuful journey begins. 

    In this program I hope to meet people who would like to work for new aims. I´m looking forward to recieve feedback, inspiration and networks to make run the publishing house.


    Entering the Programme: August 2018, Jungstarter Hamburg

    Contact: Melina Burmeister, m.burmeister(at)weltfreund-verlag.de