• talispost

    talispost sends loveletters to life itself. Those are monthly jamboree bag like letters that contain inspirations, stories, room for creativity and self knowledge, a scent, an art-postcard, an affirmation cart and little presents. talispost pays heed to sustanability and fairness factors.

    Hey there! My name is Luise, I'm 28 years old, come from and live in Hamburg and have founded talispost in August 2018. I've studied philosophy and communication science and worked several years in the media sector before. The name talispost comes from both 'talisman' (= lucky charm) and post (= pieces of communication one can find in your postbox). In short one could translate talispost into "happy letters".
    The concept roots in contemporary insights of the positive psychology and the practical philosophy. The idea is to send inspiration and varied stories directly into the post boxes of the readers to positively influence their everyday life.

    - are published monthly
    - are colorful and contain plural bits and bobs
    - contain a manual
    - are fragrant (through essential oils)
    - give space for self talk (output page)
    - give inspirations and food for thought (input page)
    - make their readers familiar with positive affirmations 
    - can be listend to (via a qr-code that leads to a podcast-interview)
    - contain an art-postcard that can be sent to friends or decorated at the own home
    - contain a little present
    - contain stickers from all over the world


    Entering the Programme: August 2018, Selbst&Ständig Hamburg

    Contact: Luise Paulsen, luise.paulsen(at)talispost.de