• work+play

    Imagine, you could be totally relaxed with getting your kids ready in the morning and bring them to your office. Imagine further, though kids near, working in peace would be possible. That´s exactly what I`m going to enable parents who work remotely - with work+play, coworking space plus childcare.


    For me, real compatibility means not to strictly separate business and family. That creates time for more intensive family moments and makes life more exciting. I´d like to establish a workspace for freelancers and the self-employed, but also for employees on parental leave or after that, who

    - do not (yet) want to leave their kids in foreign care
    - have to work (more) in the short term and need some babysitting
    - Do not want to lose touch to their employer during parental leave
    - want to redirect their careers
    - care for an infant or small toddler and need a room to work and to

    Work + play will also be a venue for coachings, seminars or network meetings.

    Keyword family friendliness: Employers can book desks and babysitting quota for their employees to help them re-enter.  


    Entering the Programme: December 2017, Jungstarter Hamburg

    Contact: Tanja Schumacher, moin(at)workandplay-hh.de