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Termin: 16.08.2022, 15:00 - 16:30 Uhr | Ort: online via zoom

The National Conversation Series will create debate on forms of Social Innovation for the future and understanding critique/criticism

About the National Conversation Series

The National Conversations on Social Innovation will create debate on forms of SI for the future and understanding critique/criticism. This series of events will occur over the next few months, aiming to cover a range of thematic areas and engage key practitioners and organisations in lively discussion. These sessions will take the form of a roundtable where dialogue and discussion can be held on broad and high level themes. As we are aiming to make this a UK conversation about each topic, we are inviting a range of organisations from the four UK nations to be a part of the conversation. These will be online events, held on Zoom.

National Conversation on Financing Social Innovation

Finding the right instruments to implement socially innovative ideas can be challenging. Many social entrepreneurs and community enterprises are not sure what financial instruments are available for social entrepreneurs in the UK, or how to go about seeking investment outside of mainstream models of business investment and investor networks. Much funding that is available for start up and business development is focused on the bottom line, and the financial health of an organisation long term. Organisations with a social mission often struggle to contend and compete within these frameworks. These more traditional models can prevent small and grassroots organisations from affecting the change they wish to see because of unsuitable impact and reporting frameworks.

There is a growing interest in offering finance options that take into account social and environmental impact. Many funders and investors now ask for evidence of the social and environmental impact a project or enterprise will have. Many organisations are exploring models that make use of a diverse range of sources of funding and investment for their idea. Public organisations are looking at alternative models for procurement and funding of projects that promise social impact.

During this session we will hear from leading organisations in different regions of the UK about funding projects and businesses with social and environmental missions, and also about the ways in which we can start reshape our local economies to empower marginalised groups and local communities. This will be an online Zoom session. The panel discussion will be followed by audience questions.

Our key speakers on the panel are:

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Organiser and facilitator: Social Innovation Connect, or SIC is the European Social Fund UK Social Innovation Competence Centre – set up and led by Glasgow Caledonian University. SIC aims to create a better, more connected UK social innovation ecosystem across the regions, with stronger transnational ties to Europe and beyond. It is a member of the European Social Innovation Alliance (ESIA), an EU-funded programme which is supporting the establishment of national social innovation 'competence centres' across Europe.

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